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Voice of Love

Inspiration comes from many different places in life. I am moved by God, people, great art / literature / music, theater, film, nature and finally the internal voice of my own soul. This music you hold in your hands is a combination of all those sources. The greatest would be a decision I made, when turning 60, that I would not wait any longer to start pursuing that voice. I won’t tell you how many times i ignored it - at various times out of fear, disbelief, struggle, and insecurity. Suffice it to say this music is the beginning of a new response, a new behavior, a new path - to listen to the voice.


These first 14 songs are gifts from long ago to present day - from artists along the way whom I have watched and listened to and respect deeply.  I study them still and glean from them what i believe is their best and let it inform my performing and teaching - all the time creating my own personal ideas for telling stories musically.


If it were not for the few chosen fellow sojourners on the path of creativity, this gift would not be. To Kelly Askam, Donald Walker, and Tony Kidonakis I am humbly indebted. Your gifts of recording, writing, playing, and organizing are treasures i hold deal and hope this effort does you proud. For your immense talent, artistry, encouragement, prodding, aligning, and in your face honesty I simply say thank you! You are and will ever be part of my voice.


Last - I simply have a charge to anyone in whose hands this music finds itself. Listen to your soul and follow what can only be the voice of love God has destined for you to share. Don’t wait - don’t hesitate - don’t waste time in the darkness wondering if anyone cares. The voice you hear is your gift to the world born at the dawn of time - to be shared and given away.

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